N y c k i  S a m u e l s

Artist Statement

My name is Nycki Samuels, I live and work in Saltspring Island B.C. I own and operate Tough Tiny Welder. I've been doing decorative metalwork for 16 years, since 1992 producing one of a kind pieces as a jeweler. Growing up in Toronto, Ontario and now living on a west coast island has greatly influenced my work.

My jeweler's eye for detail was drawn to larger tools and other metals. In 1999 I went back to school, took a welding course and became a certified welder. I was the only women in the class of 17 men; I found myself too complacent and moved to Vancouver, B.C. in 2000 and began an informal apprenticeship with ornamental ironwork of the highest quality. At this time I was introduced to architectural ornamental ironwork. The seed that motivated me to learn the forge and fabrication of metalwork was planted.

That experience has allowed me to broaden my artistic horizons towards"functional art": gates, railings, lighting, furniture in a variety of mixed metals. Including, aluminum, steels (stainless & mild) brass and copper being my favorite.

My latest work consists of "layers of brushed steel, wire mesh and copper in various states from bright penny to turquoise green, making changes to colour, shape and texture combinations. These works prove that metal art doesn't have to be restricted to sculpture." (Elizabeth Nolan, Gulf Islands Driftwood) The more I explore metals, the more possibilities open in front of me.

My goal is to create pieces that entice your eye into the earthy complexities and designs, of each piece and recall a place of beauty in everyday life.

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